Best trophy contest.

This is a contest to see who can make the best trophy. all contestants are required to send the .blend file to my E-mail. Remember to put a flat plane somewhere for an engraveing. The person with the best trophy gets all the trophys engraved and sent to him. please remember to make good use of gold. good luck!

P.S., my Email is [email protected].

whats the deadline?

and are you serious about making them and engraving them, or are you F-in with us :stuck_out_tongue:

i am designing a trophy now and will be finished within 2 weeks.



Haven’t we done this in a WC like a year ago or something?
If anyone else enters, I’ll send u the blend Akir. I also assume ur using bump mapping or displacement mapping to add the name of the winner?
Plain and simple =)

macuno - Yep, that would be the infamous contest featuring Blengine’s trophies :wink: lol!

NO i want a real throphy made and engraved for me.

i have a university project that needs a throphy to be made and engraved (like for real, i.e. out fo real metal)

Awwwwwwww i don’t want a stupid fake throphy.

but hey i will enter anyway, i mean i may as well.


Alltaken - Have u tried 3DPart-to-Art? I don’t know if they do metal, but at least they do a real world figure, then you can artificially age it etc or at least take out a can o’ spray paint :wink:

I didn’t mean making a real one, I just mean useing the simple text tool in blender to plaster your name on it. I hadn’t thought of the 3Dpart-to-art, though. that sounds like a good idea! As per the "Wasnt this WC contest?’, I have no clue.

as to the winner, since Smerity is the only one who sent in a trophy, He’ll probibly just get his trophy back with his name on it. Sorry. If it makes you feel better, the fact that you made a trophy so well is a reward in itself. Gosh, don’t I sound cheesy?

well actually i am making two of these myself.

out of brass and Rimu (rimu is a type of native wood that is native to my country, very expensive and illegal to log (except 1-2 places), but luckily we have lots of it spare from when it was common)

the wood in the image does not look like the real wood. but hey who cares LOL all procedural wood BTW.


3D Art to Part doesdo metal, (stupidspaceabar) but be prepared to empty your wallet to have it printed in metal.