Best tutorial for rigging (games)?

(Kyzer) #1

I want to get a good tutorial on setting up bones, specifically for game models. Don’t know if it matters, but we’re using Unreal.

I know I can just use Google, but I prefer public consensus.

(Vectorius) #2

Though not specific to rigging for games, Humane Rigging is pretty much mandatory to learn about rigging in general.

(helluvamesh) #3

These videos have good ideas for quality rigs:

(Sackadoo) #4

Yup, definitely. There is no other tutorial series on rigging that even comes close. When it comes to rigging, Nathan is the dude.

(Cyaoeu) #5

For UE4 it’s better to just use a premade rig (like UE4tools) that works with all other animations (and for retargeting). You don’t really gain anything by making an own rig if you’re making a humanoid rig, it just gets you into trouble when you want use the mannequin animations.