Best tutorial or advice on how to replace images and/or uvmaps on one mesh

Greetings, I am having some weird issues with replacing/or changing images and uvmaps on one mesh…

I’m experimenting with texture painting, and want to try different unwraps and image textures on one mesh.

There is something I don’t understand about where in the interface to replace an image or texture on one mesh, and have it show up immediately in the 3dview and uveditor window… ,

I’ve looked at countless tutorials… read manuals… but I still can’t load a new image or replace an image in the uv editor for one mesh… I’m using cycles, and when I choose to open a new image, blender 2.77a just doesn’t show the reloaded image in the image name selection box in the header of the uv image editor… I’ve tried many different combinations of uvmaps, nodes, and countless unwraps, resets… etc… I’m looking for advice on how to reliably replace an image, and or a uvmap.

with cycles you also need to change the image nodes with the right name
and then in uv editor you might need to use the image menu to select the right image

if old image is not needed then just select it and Shift on the X beside image name in UV editor then save file and close and re open it.

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“…when I choose to open a new image…” - so, how exactly you do this?
See post above - you need to change image in node editor - in appropriate Image Texture node.

Thanks Rickyblender and eppo… yeah, I tried from the uv editor window using the dropdown in the header, also tried opening a new image from the header image menu, also tried replace image from the uv editor image menu, also tried the dropdowns in the image texture node… also tried from the textures image dropdowns and load image icons… always the last image seems to stick… it’s something to do with blender’s image ‘block’…

I eventually found a way that seems to work by creating a new material, then a new texture then loading an image into the new texture… which seems too convoluted to be normal… there must be something I’m missing… the name for the texture image channel shows up in the uv editor image name in the header, but the confusing thing is as I understand it, the texture channel name is not the image name, the actual image loaded into that texture has a different image filename… so I’m still a bit confused…

I have to go back from the uv editor window to the default 3dview and assign the changes I’ve made (in the node editor or the uv image editor) so that the material will show up on the mesh, then go back to the uv editor window… or the node editor window to keep working, I’m sure there’s something wrong that changes don’t show up straight away while editing in the uv editor or node editor… ?

I don’t want to go back to test it in blender internal render, but I’m sure that when working in the uv image editor with multiple uvmaps, you just chose one of the uvmaps in the editor header, and auto-miraculously the right image would pop into the uv image editor?

In Cycles UV editor does not ‘reload’ images depending on either selected image node in Node editor or mesh face selected in 3d view.
What changes is a material for the active selected face in Node editor window - this is where you should look for the texture used and change image on the Image Texture node (if there is one used).
3dview Textured view will show what’s in selected image node (which can be quite far from what you’d expect if you mix/use several textures in nodes (normalmap and color e.g.); you need to use Material view then).

If there are several UVs used this would show up in node editor as several Attribute (or UV) nodes connected to respective Mapping and Image Texture nodes; again you’d need to look in node editor for where to make changes at first. Select faces by material would show unwrap in UV editor.

I know You have got a good explanation…But , sometime a picture can made it esier to see…So a picture…:slight_smile:

It show a Image assigned to a plane…Editor View - Node Editor - uv/Editor and Properties.

You can assign Materiale and Texture in Properties - Materiale Tap…It will update Node Editor…and the other way…:slight_smile:

Other half pic show where to change it…Uv/Image Editor - Click the little X in Menuline = unlink data will remove picture in Uv/Image Editor…Open New Image…Image should now be in Memory…Point curser on the 2 small arrrow in…Texturebox - Materiale…Select it…It will update all.


Thanks again RickyBlender, eppo, Taipan… you’re right @Taipan, a picture is worth a thousand words?

I want to be able to easily switch between two textures on my testplane object, so it has two textures, the first texture has a skin image texture, and an overlaid eye texture image, for ease, I have labelled them consistently, and then I want to edit the images in gimp, and reload them easily and efficiently, at the moment, I don’t see how or where to make the changed image selections show up in the 3dview without fooling around going back and forward between the uv editor window, and in and out of edit mode, I can see there is a difference between the behaviour of using texture view mode and material view mode in the 3dview window… currently the background skin texture image on the first material is not showing for some reason.
mmm the graphical equivalent of a typo… a bad noodle :slight_smile:

Until I find out how to understand where blender cycles does the linking between a material and an image texture and a UVmap, at the moment I’m just hacking, which is driving me mad, I can’t move on to learning cycles texture painting inside blender which has fantastic possibilities… :slight_smile:

I would upload the blender file if I knew how… the uploader just hangs… 2.2Mb filesize?

changing the material selection in the materials slot has no effect on the 3Dview, but changes the preview and node editor correctly, then changing the material selection in the node editor changes the 3Dview, but overwrites the material slot… I’m going mad…

changing the material selection in the materials slot has no effect on the 3Dview, but changes the preview and node editor correctly, then changing the material selection in the node editor changes the 3Dview, but overwrites the material slot… I’m going mad… but… finally if you select the material again in the node editor header drop-down, it cycles in the material selection slots from two material.002’s to back to showing both material.001 and material.002… and changes the other windows OK, even the 3Dview…

Yay! It works, thanks all you nice people… in the 3Dview window, choose texture view, in the node editor, click on the relevant skin image, then choose texture paint mode, then in the toolbar choose the eye image as the source clone slot, then paint away… finally in the node editor, connect the newly painted skin image diffuse direct to the material output, then go to the UV editor window and save the image from the uv editor header image menu, choose pack as png, since it was packed already… go back to default 3Dview window and choose object view… to see the other texture, choose the second material from the material data block selector in the node editor header…