Best unwrapping?

I know how to unwrap meshes but I have a question about efficiency. I’m making models mostly for game usage and I keep wondering - is it better to make more seams and separate more accurate uv islands or stay as low on islands as possible? The first option takes more of the precious space but is more accurate and easier to texture later than the 2nd option. Or maybe I should go with projection unwrapping, color the texture for each side and then consolidate them onto the messy uv? Any ideas for the best workflow?

Every vertex that’s on a seam counts as two vertices, since a vertex can have only one UV-coordinate and seam vertices need to be in two places at once (or even more). That, theoretically, is a performance hit, but in reality, this isn’t much of an issue at all.

The best idea is to unwrap your models so that they’re easiest to texture. As the saying goes, ten minutes extra in the UV-editor saves you an hour of frustration in Photoshop. And in the end, a good texture is worth more than a tenth of an frame per second extra.

Thanks :slight_smile: Now I’m more confident :slight_smile: