Best up to date Blender tus for a newbie. 2.49 or 2.5

Hi , a friend of mine has asked me for good newbies tutorials.

I dont know what to reccomend him as i have been using blender for quite some time allready.

Do you know some good basic tutorials , that are usefull for 2.49 or even 2.5 ?

Thanx !!!

These tutorials are as basic as I could make them using Blender 2.49b to create a Cheeze Burger for a game called The Movies.

They show you a perticular topic, give you simple modeling steps, texturing, uv maping techniques and a few tips to get this prop in the game. They are in english (dont get the first name fool you)…(1-in-français)

Enjoy and have fun learning.

Hi I am a newbee and blender cookies are the best tutoprials and I have learned everything from them

Hi again jagan here it is tutorials pl excuse me for spelling

It’s harder to miss them than to find them i guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check out my tutorials at It’s mostly 2.4x tutorials, but most of what I’ll be doing from now on will be with 2.5+.