Best up to date Tomato tutorial ? Sebastian könig ?

Hi, so i got my tomato buid working with cycles :evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

I want to do some cool stuff with it. Are the tutorials from sebastian könig the best and more up to date for camera tracking ? or are there any new that i missed ?

Thanx !

Tomato has been rapidly changing since it began
I predict that once 2.61 is released in a couple of weeks, everyone is going to be making Tomato tutorials
If you understood Sebastian’s last tomato tutorial, you shouldn’t have too much trouble adapting to the changes

Any news on this?? trying to stabilize a video:

… yeah kind of fat chance but I still want to use this one since I made it (at least some of the frames).
Most tutorials are from around 5 months ago and I can’t keep following when they start loading python scripts, I suppose the 2.61 version doesn’t need them…

… help?

so you did a 3d track and added the gears now the hard part is done. Just use a single point or two and track you can check out the effect by clicking the lock to selected. Now if you want to save a stablized video go to the reconstruction menu and add them to the 2d stablize… Then in the comp nodes you can output the stablized video

Yeah, but how? It always asks for at least 8 points, how to do a 2D stabilization? and sometimes when I give the 8 points it still complaints about something. Once I managed to get the 3d camera in the viewport to move as the real one did (or tried to imitate it) but then how do I get that camera movement to move the animation so it stabilizes the objective in the center of the image?

For 2d track you dont need to solve for the camera that is a 3d solution. Try and track a point in the middle but looking at the footage you have that would be nearly impossible. Chasing a windmill. Maybe tack the stand on the bottom right brace. You just need to remove the camera shake. And a simple 2d track will do that

Yes, but HOW?
So far I get to track a point and the movement of it, then I add this track in the 2D stabilisation panel in the “reconstruction”, then what? how to make this spot that moves around because of the hand shaking get fixed in screen after tracking it? I just render it magically will get fixed? (doesn’t happen)

did you add a movie clip in the compositor and then connect that to stabilize node then output?

this is a 1 point track. With more points you can stabilize rotation.

Scaling can be handled in the reconstruction panel

AAAAH! Now I see! Didn’t get it had to be finished in the node editor. Thanks a lot!

Thi is pretty cool, if a tracks end I can use a second one to track another point.