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(Shukrallah) #1

I’ve been looking around and it seems people have problems with various versions of Blender when making games. So now I must ask: What is the best version of blender for making games?

Will a new version be released soon that fixes these bugs? Currently I am using Blender 2.37A. Is this version “ok” for making games? Are there any serious bugs/errors in it?

I am asking simply because I don’t want to start a project then find out that the program isn’t working correctly because the current version of the game engine has problems. And guidence here would be greatly appreciated!

(z-nissa) #2

I’m make games,textures,avi in 2.37a
,but compile on 2.34

good and stable versions is 2.25 and 2.36

(victor) #3

I agree with z-nissa, I do everything in 2.34


(goldentaiji) #4

Actually I prefer this one better…

Ultimate Blender. It’s a compilation by dreamkatana. Has various other features added into it as well. You can download it here.

Jason Lin

(z-nissa) #5

but version 2.37b is slow…

I have 30 - 50 % fps down in my games :-?

(Toomai) #6

In my opinion and experience, 2.25 has the fastest engine but lacks non-spherical boundboxes, while 2.37a has some small but bad physics glitches.

(Shukrallah) #7

Are the chances of running into these glitches high?

(z-nissa) #8

use more python(only noerror scripts)
dont use “near”
use minimum physics
on nvidia blender is stable them on ati videocards (maybe)

(Toomai) #9

It depends on exactly what it is. Here are two that I can’t fix:

When the Y-axis points vertically, shadow faces wobble.
When using the Camera Actuator, there is a visible shake.

Here’s one that seems like a virus:

Collisions involving added objects don’t trigger sensors.

(lukasz2121) #10

i wanted to use 2.34, but one thing what i was doing worked only in 2.37a, i just downloaded 2.37b, evrything is nice, but i have problems with playing sounds… i make collision(without pulse mode)>AND>Sound>play edd
but it starts to play sound every frame! like with pulse mode! the same sound again non stop(while touching)
this problem in only when i have <50 fps, if more, every think is ok
can i do something to fix these sounds?


(goldentaiji) #11

The thing with blender versions is backwards compatibility. Newer versions most always probably don’t run the older version game faster. Well a few people have had it run faster…

So if you started a game in one version of blender (I mean done a lot of logic brick and coding work in it) just finish it in that version. If not, upgrade to the newest version and work from there. I think the newer ones are better actually and you help to test to make sure the future ones get better and better. I use Ultimate Blender and the physics there are ok, comparable to 2.25’s engine. Plus the newer blender has a much better interface that I rather work in that environment instead.

Jason Lin

(z-nissa) #12


tips and tricks:
set to added object (from other layer) empty collision!!!

(Toomai) #13

Don’t know what you’re saying. At first everything worked perfectly, but just two weeks ago it broke.