Best video card?

It turns out that my computer only has pci express x16(not 2.0). This is the best card that I can find that isn’t 2.0:

Is it a good card? Does it support GLSL?
I think that it is better than my ati radeon xpress 550 anyway…

yeah it should suport GLSL but… if I recall a pci express x16 2.0 card will work with a normal x16 slot but it’s limeted to the speed of the normal x16 (not 2.0)

so you can use a x16 2.0 card with a normal x16 slot but it wont be able to run at x16 2.0 speeds (which wont be that big a deal)

Hmm… Ah well.
I finally bought a Nvidia GeForce 7900GT.
Thanks everybody for all your help!

Solid purchase nonetheless.

Anything less than an 8 series = no CUDA.

Heh, you probably don’t care, though.

What is CUDA?

CUDA allows special programs to run on the graphics card instead of the processor with a huge speed increase. I saw a demonstration of the new V-Ray written for CUDA that was extremely fast compared to the regular V-Ray (which is already fast.) If you already got the 7XXXX card, just go with it, but the 8XXX and 9XXXX and 2XX series all support CUDA. The newer cards also support OpenCL which is the open standard version of CUDA. It may take a few years, but eventually, there should be a number of applications that use OpenCL to accelerate their functions. So you may want to upgrade to a newer series card at that time.


Cool… I think. Thanks for explaining!
It isn’t really something that i’m very concerned about though.:slight_smile:

Very good assumption.:stuck_out_tongue: