Best video/course/material to learn rigging? (eyes in particular)

Hi everyone, I’m working on a project (a woman’ face) and I would like to rig and animate it. Do you have any advise on what material is best to learn this from? Or even just some tips would be great.
Thanks in advance!

P.s.english is not my first language, sorry for strangely worded phrases

I don’t know a simple or quick tutorial for that , but that should exist…
Here a some link that teach you rigging more in-depth, but it’s the long road to take…

You can look for Humane Rigging serie :
It explain well rigging theory.
It may be a bit limited for you as it cover main body parts, at least there is a part on the eyes.

For general face there is a book : Stop Staring by Jason Osipa, that explain mostly everything you need to know about facial rigging but it’s hard to begin with.

There is also some stuff on the Mancandy FAQ :

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Thanks you! I don’t really care about difficulty, If I can’t make it now, I can always come back to it later, but I like to have all the option.
Thank you for your advise