best way 2 rig my character?

hi my next step in rigging my character is 2 make the skeleton but i have 1 question 1st.
i want my character 2 blink alot when i make animations.
so is the best way 2 rig my character to make a seperate armatures for the head??

or should i make 1 big skeleton for the entire body,head etc??? :confused:

ideally you must use one armature, self contained (e.g. no empties or external objects such meshes) to control anything in the armature.
This is very common mistake, it can be done. but is a nightmare to animators, because the pose channels are treated different in armatures and other objects in animation windows such as dopesheet, and YOU want simplicity.(this is true for 2.49 to 2.57+)

I was understanding from old tutorials that you could have separate armatures for the same mesh, and activate them. I would make sure you parent the face rig to the main armature so that it follows along and you don’t distort your mesh.

ok.well is it possible 2 copy only the eye blinking if i use 1 armature?? & paste it??

yes is possible, but not ideal. The best bet is to add your eye blinking rig into the armature, then hide it when you don´t need it, by bone layers, or driving(driven channel hide button) the visibility by another bone. The best rigs you can see from Blender Foundation (Durian, BBB)are self contained but they go one step forward by implementing the controls via python into the GUI!!!.
Try to keep everything in a single armature. It will save you a lot of time and despair when you animate it, specially in the workflow Blender 2.57+ uses today.

thankyou very much for the tips! :smiley: