Best Way...Boolean?

hi, i’m trying to make a cube, with some circular windows in it and cut out a kind of door in the side… do i need to use a boolean operation? if so i heard its changed a bit in blender 2.32 (intersect, union, difference) which one should i use etc.


  • Alee

I think you can better delete a face of a cube, then snap the cursor to a vertex of that open side, and then in a non-perspective front-view of that open face add vertices, or entire circles. Then make faces with F, or use shift-f to fill.

Boolean ops makes for ugly meshes.

Yes, I agree with halfgaar that the “model around the hole” approach is (like always) better in this case.

Booleans, however, haven’t changed in 2.32, they work the same as always.

anyway booleans are a bad choice since they make the mesh crazy. so only use them as a last choice. try to model holes!