Best way for Ortho ref views

Whats the best way in blender to display reference images of an objects front/side/top? typically I would make planes and assign the separate images but I was wondering if there was a better way in blender.

This is what I have currently but it assigns the image to every view

note: I also cant find out where I even assigned the background image. lol looking…

Background Images

You could also add textured planes using Image as Planes addon or add an Empty and set it to display as an imgae

Nice, I will check for the Image as Planes plugin. I am not sure what add an empty set means but I will find out. :wink: Very new to Blender as of last week pretty much. Better than using Creator :wink:

this is what I have now. I have to cut the images up in photoshop and just two one view at a time I think. Unless I setup planes. But I haven’t had my coffee yet…

thank you for the help!

You can add an empty and have it be displayed as various shapes. One of those is as an image See