Best way of modelling a lego block?

I know this sounds like newbie stuff (hey, I am a newbie) but it should be a best way to model a lego block. The simplest way (not the best) is with a cube and six cillinders meshs. But I can’t get a block as nice as those in the last WC.

Any hint? :smiley:

okay, you need to bevel your block.

like this:

for the “lego” writing on the top of the cylinders, i’d use bump mapping.

have fun!

Legos aren’t beveled. I hate to say it but it’s true. I saw too many beveled edges in the last WC, and it drives me crazy. :<

Unless they started to manufacture them with a bevel, but that would just make me sick.


EVERYTHING has a bevel on it (the bevel in the pic is enlarged) there is no such thing as a true 90 degree edge, everything has a bevel, no matter how small. so it pays to even just put a tinsy little bevel on your corners, then you get nice highlights on them.


While you are right GFX Idiot, I must still assert that legos don’t have a ‘deliberate’ bevel to them. I saw too many renders of legos with deliberate beveled edges in this week’s WC and that is just shite.

Why wasn’t I available to do better you may ask? Well, it being Labour Day Weekend coupled with the fact that I still had to labour on Labour Day. Hey I am just too lazy and not keen on competition, is all. :expressionless:

i know what you mean, some people can go over board with bevels, but i always try and put in just a little wee one where possible.