Best way to add grass

What is the best way to add grass textures planes objects on top of surfaces in Upbge ?
Is there specific way people do it , or users just pace meshes one by one ?

particle systems. switch to the blender Internal renderer and generate a particle system, apply it. (any old tutorial should do.)

i recommend splitting your world into smaller areas and joining all the grass together in each section, then adding lods to them.

be sure collision is disabled.

work on a copy blend so you can quickly recopy and reiterate until you finfd a good balance of objects-verts-lods

Can that be baked ? I mean i don’t want the particle system to run anymore once objects has been placed.
It’s great for big areas, while the downside is the user does not have any control to choose where grass should be.

baked no, running particle system no, BGE can’t run particle system.
tutorial as @Daedalus_MDW said any would do and you would have noticed it.

You use the particle system to place the grass, after that you convert all grass to 1 or more patches.

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In my opinion a GLSL shader.

For simple objects scattering with mouse painting control

Right, for big outdoor levels a shader with fov and distance culling , and lod is the best for performance.

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