best way to add multiple textures to one object?

hey guys, another newbie question for yah

i notice that most models are created in edit mode so that they are all one object, and this i understand

can someone help me out with the texturing side though please

i know how to UV map, i just learnt how to map, export, open in photoshop add the texture and bring it back, that works great…on a cube…

but when you get to a model with alot more sides whats the best way to texture things?

ive got a very basic model of a small system of corridors, and the camera is animated to fly around them looking for the exit

ive made a texture and have it all ready to use and i cheated with the UV mapping (cuz i wasnt sure what i was doing a few hours ago) and simply added the texture, now the problem i have is two things

in the 3D view the texture is only on one side of the walls (they are 2D planes) and when i render the image, the walls are still grey, no texture has actually been applied

ALSO one last thing, the walls are very reflective, how can i stop them from reflecting light like they are shiny

lots of things there haha, but im learning :slight_smile:
heres some screen shots to show what i mean!

align the normals. use face select mode to apply multiple textures to a material or object. this is a great learning site. there are videotutorials for how to do everything you need so far. he dosn’t have python or scripting yet, but he does have alot, and there is they python board when you do need help with python.

sorry your gunna have to dumb things WAY down, like i said, newbie

i tried the face select to apply textures but it applied to the whole thing, colours work fine but textures dont ill stick to UVMapping for things like this i guess, i hear its the best way

what do you mean by align the normals? o.O

also, for the shininess, i think that’s just specularity. turn it down in the shaders tab. and unless this is going to be a very dark room, add ambient occlusion. (it’s in the little button that looks like the world)

the normals are the side of the face the texture is applied to. click on this site and click on video tutorials. look under the materials section and it has videos that show you how to apply multiple materials to an object, and multiple textures to a material. watch the uv mapping tutorial and it’ll show you how to align the normas and explain what they are much better than i can.

yeah i wanted it kinda dark in places, but ill give this a try! thanks

You’ll want to hit the Texface Button. Select the wall object and turn that on, as in this image:

You might also want to look into other methods of doing wall textures. There are three or four ways you can do it. I do mostly game stuff, but I use really tiny textures (sort of DS / PSP spec stuff). You can overlap walls on the UV Maps. I’ll do up a quick little tutorial for you and anyone else who’d like to see how that’s done. It took me forever to figure out how to do decent texturing for game stuff, and I’m still learning a ton, but it might be useful for some people (even though I’s still rather unskilled in this area :P)

and be sure to add your texture in the panel thats all brown with black spots.
then, in the materials tab (the one shown in your picture), and right next to the tab labeled “Texture”, click on the one right next to it, then click “UV”.
that should be it, but if u don’t understand about adding the image in that “Brown with Black Spots” section, just change the one drop-down box thing to “Image”, then just select the image in one of the new boxes that show up.

To remove the reflection set Spec down shaders tab.