Best way to add siding?

I was wondering what the best way to add siding to a house was. I know there it is the manual way, but I am guessing there is a much faster way. Can anyone give me some ideas?

array modifier ?

That is what I was thinking, but what about cutting the wholes in the doors and windows? I was thinking array modifier, and applying the array modifier then manually cutting out wholes for the doors and windows. Maybe with the Boolean(spelling?) tool It would be amazing if the array modifier could recognize the holes in the doors and windows and know not to cover them!

Any other thoughts on the work flow?

i dont know if boolean can cut some shape when they are not real (they are an effect of the modifier)

maybe someone else can answer that
i like to know that also

you could solidify an array and then use the knife tool to cut out doors and windows, but personally, I would just do it manually.

but he needs to apply to array modifier first ?

can he do that without applying it ?

no, because arrays are like dupliverts. you can’t edit the child objects, only the original.

I can’t knife the 31 boards at a time, I have to do them 1 at a time? with 6 windows and a doors that is over 100 cuts for 1 wall. x 4 and that is going to take an hour…

Modron, maybe I am miss understanding when you say manually… What would be the fastest way to cut out a square from 31 separate meshes in the same object??

See picture… I need to cut a several squares out of the side and 1 at a time is not going to work.

What I do with repetition like this is copy one then 2, copy makes 4, makes 8 and so on. Soon enough you are half way there and you copy one more time, done.

Once you have one wall. Just copy it and use it again rotate 90 degrees or whatever you have to do. To get the exact dimension you can scale from the top or from the bottom and line it up so it fits from floor to top. Does that make sense? Or do the math beforehand of course. But I usually do it on the fly and use scale.

For doors and windows, well. it will take work. But you can reuse the pieces and resize to fit another door or window hole… And you’ll find as you go you can just copy things you have already made. Much faster than you’d think.

I just got done doing a massive piece of architecture that had stones laid all though it on the walls. It was a lot of work, but sometimes there is just no better way. But I developed shortcuts that made it go much faster.

One in particular is only doing half of something that is symmetrical. Easy thing to forget, believe it or not.

You can. Select them all and use the knife tool. But if you use the array, I guess you have to make it real first so it is geometry.

i think you can make all siding same object (one object per wall)
and not multiple objects
when they are the same object ,
select all vertix in EditMode
and use the Knife (Exact) to draw you window or door

when finished ,
you will need to align vertix ,cause Knife exact will cut like drawing
so select vertixs from left side of window and scale X axis , 0
and so on and so fourth

another way you can try

all siding same object again
add a simple cube with the size of the window / door
and use “boolean” to make the hole

i am only guessing here if you will post one wall of your house we can play with it


I want to cut wholes in the siding with that rectangle. Why am I having problems.

The knife tool is not working because the siding is not a perfect height so on the top and bottom siding pieces I have to make custom cuts and cut out the sections in the siding to make it so there is no overlap across the window. which takes about 10 minute per window. x32 windows the house has and that is 320 extra minutes.

I found this link and this is what I want to do:

Please see the picture below:

like i told u ,use a boolean
made a simple movie

  1. scale default box (make bigger)
  2. scale box from side view (make thicker)
  3. add another cube
  4. deselect all
  5. select big cude
  6. shift select new cube
  7. press w ,select difference
  8. x ,delete / move selected objects

here is a movie i made , (no sound)
(i don’t have an account so the file can be downloaded only 10 times)

a remark :
for my opinion ,fast way means not a very clean model,
look at you wall in edit mode after that

hooo another thing ,
to make the boolean more clean , try to loop cut (CTRL + R ) around the window ,
so it will be easy to play with the vertix’s latter
its just an assumption need to look at your model first

best luck

Thank you for you help, my problem. I can do your example no problem. As soon as I follow the same steps on my model only 1 of the pieces of siding gets cut…

.blend (saved prior to using Boolean)

See my the picture: (following steps above this is how the file turns out)

hi didnt use your file
just took a quick look at it

i made it from scratch
tell me if this is what you need and i tell you what is did


sidings.blend (153 KB)

I think the problem I am having is the window cuts 1/2 into a piece of siding. In your example it evenly cuts 4 of them.

Does that make sense?

I took 3 screen shots of the 3 steps it took in Modo. Total time 2 min 15 sec to create siding, make 3 squares, turn the squares into 2 windows and a door. then Boolean the 3 holes out.

It looks like there is not easy way to do this is blender, correct?

Please note the boolean cuts are made 1/2 way through the siding.


Please note, I prefer blender and I am not making this a blender vs. I am just trying to figure out how to do this in blender and Modo was the only way I knew how to show.


i dont understand your question.

i can tell you the reason i created a new one
cause if you see in the attached image the siding dont make any seance

this i what i did
scale the default cube to the y axis ,scale it more to get the size you want
loopcut horizontal (this is important cause we will need to connect vertices latter)
use CTRL-R ,press enter, press 0 (zero) and ENTER again
rotate by 30 degrees

duplicate in EDIT MODE
move the new one down exactly to the desired location (Z axis)
and remove doubles
remove the unnecessary face (very important in order to make the loop cut)

and duplicate again
and again ,and again ,

this will take you 2 minutes

for making the window
in front view
loopcut vertical twice
and , select with B the "window " and delete faces

all work take me 3 minutes


here’s a crazy idea…use a texture for the siding :slight_smile: with a normal map even

i think you can make all siding same object (one object per wall)
and not multiple objects
when they are the same object

this makes good sense

easiest way seems to be to use an array then apply it. then all your siding is one object.

use the knife to make full height vertical cuts at the edges of doors and windows

then delete faces (or edges) as required

You could try to only boolean the one board that needs the half cut. And then simply move the other board’s edges where you needed them. Once you get one made you can reuse it.