Best way to add texture to low poly plane?

Hey guys, created a low poly plane but any ideas what the best way is to texture the windows and all? perhaps through UV Mapping? If so please tell me how with such complex faces, thanks!

yes, UV mapping would be the thing, and you should chop your model in half right down the center, and delete half, then unwrap it using ‘project from view’ option, then duplicate / mirror / weld so that you have a full airplane. the reason is, because both halves are going to be textured the same, so, no need to do twice as much this way. remember there is a line tool now that should be helpful for making stripes, and for the windows you may wish to use a ‘UV project’ modifier.
(edit) you probably will want to unwrap the wings and other pieces separately, but project from view would also be a good option.

Okay so I’ve added the image to the projected view of the plane why doesn’t it show up?

I can’t tell because I can’t see the header of your UV window. It looks like there is no image loaded. Did you save the image after painting it, and before saving / closing the blend file?
(edit) is that windows I see painted on an image file? ok, if the image is loaded, the reason you aren’t seeing it, is, because it’s in rendered view, and you have not loaded the image as a texture, only in the UV window. or it might be something to do with the matcap, which I don’t use much so I’m not sure.