Best way to apply subsurf to star shape

I’m kind of new to modeling, although I’ve been seeing Blender tutorials for a while, but no actual experience modeling my own stuff :laughing:
I’m trying to model an eraser shaped as a comet or star:

I’ve enabled the add-on Add Mesh: Extra Objects since it provides a Simple Star mesh to begin with :smiley: Below you can find my attempt of modeling:

But as you can see in the last picture if I try to apply the Subsurf modifier the shape of the star gets really ugly… (I’ve tried adding additional loops but due to the shape of the star, the topology gets messier)

Thanks for any suggestions on how to improve this model.

You need support loops on each side of an edge and/or you can use crease:

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Thanks @rigoletto
I tried with Edge crease but the mesh gets distorted:

I will try modifying the underlying mesh and see how it goes.

Here is an example, you need support loops an each face.
star_example.blend (99.9 KB)

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Wow, really nice :smiley: thanks @rigoletto for sharing this.