Best Way To Build A FREE ROAM GAME!!

im gonna try to build a city game like driv3r or GTA, or somethin. how should i model the city, like should i build the roads first or the terrain. and should they be the same mesh or different meshes. and some help on texturing a map properly. and then if any1 could give me other tips like making a full free roam game, u know, stuff a noobie should know before starting.

ps. also i wanna know how to attach things to this forum, like exe files so i can show u guys the progress i make.

If you’re still new to the GE, don’t get your hopes up too much, unless you’re willing to plow through dozens of tutorials (and a sizeable amount of those are outdated) to learn how to use it.

As for the city, I reckon it would be a wise idea to model the buildings separate from the terrain. Not only does this give you better control over what your buildings will look like, but it’ll also make it easier to reuse the buildings for different parts of your city (so you’d only have to model say, 12 different buildings and scatter them around instead of having to model a hundred separate ones).

Edit: Btw, isn’t this in the wrong subforum?

should the roads be built first and seperate from the terrian?