Best way to calculate dimensions of multiple objects at once? (SOLVED)

Dear community,

I am currently facing a little problem…

I wish there was a way to calculate the total dimensions of multiple objects without applying all modifiers, and joining all the objects together.

I am just looking for a quick answer to this relatively simple question. So, is this possible? Maybe through the console?

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Skull Kid

Anyone? I am in need of a way to accomplish this, as said previously without joining all the objects together.

Let’s get a bit more specific. What do you mean by dimensions? Length, width, height? Volume? Bounding box size? And by multiple objects, do you intend that these objects are bumped right up next to each other? If I have a 1 cubic foot box 10 feet away from another 1 cubic foot box, is that 12 feet in one dimension, or do you want to know how big they’d be if they were right next to each other? Are the objects able to be rotated so they fit best in the measurement like Tetris? Do you want to know the dimensions of each object and then add the dimensions of the other objects like a running total?

Maybe a more important question is why you want to know the dimensions. Maybe that can help us figure out the best way to help you. Thanks.

I certainly can. It’s the total size of all the objects when selected. Like if I got one cube and one sphere selected, it will only show the dimensions in the Sidebar for the active object, in light orange. The dark orange witch is also selected stays out of the calculated dimensions in the Sidebar, under Dimensions.

I need a way to see all the objects total size to the most extreme width, length and height. This can of course be done by joining all the objects together, but I would rather not do that. So, I’m basically asking for a quicker way to get it done.

So, would a Python script that iterated through your selected objects, spit out the most extreme values in each axis and reported the size of the resultant cube work? Hypothetically?

Do you need it for all objects in the scene or just selected objects?

Preferably the selected objects only. Also in any or specified scene units, if possible.

Thanks in advance for your time!

EDIT: Also, I’m running the latest stable version of Blender. 2.82a.

Thanks to RickyBlender for a solution provided through messaging. His dimension calculation script (XYZ) works pretty well in my case.

Please ask him to post it somewhere.

Here’s his thread, along with the .blend that includes his script :slight_smile:

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I did not know that you could package a script inside of a *.blend file. :astonished: