Best way to connect my facial rig to rigify

I am slowly but surely get the hang of rigging in blender but still far from fully understanding. Took me some time to rethink and find equivalents techniques from Max/Maya rigs to Blender, but thanks to bbones i found a way. And rigify evolved a lot since my last try with blender and i like to give it a shot.

Anyway I am now at the stage to connect my custom facial rig to rigify and i am not exactly sure how. There’s not much information to find out there, so your help is much appreciated.

My first thougt was to parent the facial root bone to, lets say, the rigify head bone(after rig generation), but then i end up with two armature modifiers on my character, correct?

So when you got two armatures modifiers on your model, Is that mean that i cant change from rigify bones to my facial rig bones while skinning and how does two armatures affect animating. Does that mean i cant export the animation data in one file?

Or is it better to make my custom rig compatible to rigify in terms of naming convention and rig type determination before i generate the rig?

Its probably not the best time to ask about this while the upcoming 2.8 will change rigify and made customization a lot easier. So i read at least. But anyway, i m interested in your experiences with customizing rigify. What i have to consider to avoid frustrating failures? What are the pro’s and con’s of both methods?

If you parent one armature to another you end up with two. (you have parented one object to another object, (two objects). If you want to just move the bones from your facial rig armature to your body armature, just combine the armatures by joining them (control J) and you end up with one object. Then your normal bone parenting will work.

PS. If you got that far already your doing great.

Thanks mate, Well that was easy to fix, i totally forgot about ctrl+j :smile:

But can’t find any Info on how to prepare a custom rig to make your own rigify rig type. You know, like the pitchypoy facial rig type. Just for convinience and to save setup time for other characters. So how would one go about creating own rig types within rigify?

I hope this will be documented well in the upcoming 2.8 documentation update.

Check out DanPro.

With that you can also check out his face rigging tutorials. The only thing I add that is different is that I sometimes also add a lattice to deform the face as well.

Dan does the best tutorials that I have found and as you are not really a beginner, you might find his invaluable as well. Not trying to overwhelm you. Dan is also on the forum.

Actually it was DanPro’s tutorials that made me explore rigify in the first place :slight_smile: i devoured all his rigify related vids in one go. He really has a way explaining things. I hope there is more to come but its kinda quit on his channel at the moment.