Best way to convert a 2D spline into a tesselated mesh suitable for cloth simulation.

Hi all,

What is the best way to convert a flat 2D spline into a flat mesh that would be suitable for cloth simulation?

in the 3dsMax universe I would use the ‘Garment Maker’ to do the job (just before ‘Cloth’ modifier) but there is no direct equivalent in Blender. Blender can convert 2D splines into meshes but the current mesh-creation algorithm gives me these very wide and very short triangles that are useless for cloth simulation)

Delaunay tesselation would be ideal but I can live with just a rectangular mesh pattern in the center of the shape… (it’s just the edges of the curved splines that make this ‘non trivial’ to implement in order to generate a flat mesh that would perform well for clothing simulation.

Any ideas?


If this helps anyone, when researching this more I have found that creating a 2D spline, applying the solidify modifier and then the remesh modifier that results quite close to what I had hoped to achieve with the 3dsMax-based workflow of generating a 2D spline and then using ‘garment maker’. I don’t get a nice Delaunay mesh but at least the results are far more usable than before remesh modifier. (View YouTube videos on remesh modifier to learn how its done)

The only problem is that remesh doesn’t appear to work on 2D meshes… (I have to give it some depth by extruding the path (or with ‘solidify modifier’) before remesh can work… which is of course a pain as the extriuded vertices are useless for cloth simulation and I have to find another way to delete them…

Is there a way to improve upon this technique??


Another approach would be to take a large rectangular 2D mesh generated by 3dsMax’s garment maker large than all your cloth segments and cut these with boolean.

However early tests with boolean are hit and miss… the thing appears unstable and finicky… and the edges near the 2d spline are bound to be messy with poorly formed triangles (the above approach with ‘remesh’ doesn’t have this shortcoming) but at least most of the flat mesh will fold nice because of Delaunay.

Which is best? Has anyone been able to make boolean modifier work nice with flat 2D meshes to somewhat duplicate what 3dsMax’s ‘garment maker’ does?