Best way to convert text to a shape that you can bevel

Hey guys, im trying to convert a word that I typed in Blender, to a 3D shape that I can give nice, bevelled edges.

What I did was

  • type the word
  • extrude it
  • convert to mesh
  • remesh modifier untill it looked smooth
  • applied the modifier

No I have a word with semi decent topology, but I also want to give the edges a nice bevel…

I tried the bevel modifier, but that result was hideous. Same with subsurf. This is the topology at the moment

What is the best way for me to achieve this effect? Or should I just model the letters with curves, extrude that and then bevel?

Hi. Have you tried the Bevel input just below the Geometry Extrude. Then you dont have to do the rest of the steps, unless you really need to convert it to a mesh.
Geometry Bevel

yes I tried that, but I kinda need to turn it into a mesh :slight_smile: