Best way to create a wet-explosion.


Nice to finally join your ranks.

Any ideas how to easily/quickly create a wet explosion? I need to explode a head but it needs to be “wet/soft” but still an explosion. What would be the simplest ways to do so? I’d like some quick methods that wouldn’t take too long to set up- I can probably figure out how to if I can get general ideas…

  1. Im guessing I could do fluids and reduce/reverse gravity and have some invisible bodies near my head to disrupt the fluids.

  2. Softbody explosion?

  3. Some other way?

  4. Could I fill my object with red fluid to make it gory too?

I don’t think I need an exact how-to but rather conceptual recommendations. I would like to get some suggestions on how it could be done/approached.

Suggestions would be a great help thanks :slight_smile:

Molecular addon coupled with cubesurfer or metaballs may be your best bet

Take a look at these video to see what it’s capable of:

Thanks a lot for the quick reply moony, i will try this. Seems legit thanks again :slight_smile:
If anyone has any other ideas I would still gladly absorb those as well.

For an exploding head I think I’d personally try a combination of rigid body + fracture for the skull shards and “brain tissue”, some particles, a fluid simulation inside for blood - you could make a small spherical inflow object inside and make it emit fluid with big velocity for 1 or 2 frames. I’d first bake the rigid bodies and make them collide with the fluid, finally - I’d try to add a smoke simulation for the actual explosion thing (a bit of fire) but you might prefer some particles instead).

I didn’t try all of this, so I can’t tell you that it’ll actually work :slight_smile: Good luck, show us your results!