Best way to create 'callouts' in Blender

Im not sure if this is the right subgroup, but I just want to get your guys input on callouts

I have a product video that I need to spice up with some callouts…and I have never done this before.
I know this can be done in Blender…but Im not sure how… Im looking for something like this (rond 15 / 16 second mark) or even this

Im just curious about the workflow for adding these…

  1. Are the callouts/motiona graphics made in Blender itself…or in After Effects or something?
  2. what is the correct way to add these to your scene and how do you get that effect that it looks like it is connected to a certain part of the product? Do you just parent it to that object?

if anybody can shed some light on this, that’d be great!

I never did this but i believe that a simple texture with text & transparent background, set up on a plane in your scene would do the thing :slight_smile:

Then you just have to rebuild the scene animation and voilà.

happy blending !


Thanks for your answer, this makes a lot of sense… Especially when you use the ‘image as plane’ addon in Blender…this way you can import any video/callout with transparency and manipulate it as if it were a plane


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