Best way to create grass

I’ve used dupliverts in blender to create grass. Usually to randomize the angle of the grass, I’ll use the subdivide multifractal option on a parent grid. I know I could try out a lot of other possibilities, but I was wondering if there were any common or “accepted” methods for creating grass effectively. Would strand particles be better to work with, or has that already proven to be a dead end? Are there ways to simplify a grass mesh to reduce processing time without compromising the the look of the grass in the image? Or should I not be working with meshes at all?

Look for grass tut in tutes section. You’ve got to have a huge # of verts in that file. Yes, use strand particles from a plane.

You can see this page of mine for how i’ve done grass in that past:

The strand particles have come a long way since then, though, even allowing variable width from root to tip.

There’s always good old static particle grass. Heres a small example from one of my images. Looks Fine to me