Best way to create trim masks?

I’m wondering if I’ve been doing this inefficiently so far and could speed my work up a bit. When I want to add a tiling pattern trim around arms or some other clothing I usually use the following method:

  1. Here’s an arm I want to create a pattern on.

  2. I create a secondary UV channel (yellow circle) and using the TexTools plugin I rectify the selected faces where I want my pattern to end up on.

  3. I scale up the rectified uv faces to cover the tiling pattern

  4. Bake it out from the secondary UV to the primary one.

Now some problems I’ve run into, if my clothing part is a bit more cone-shaped, or deformed from modelled folds rectifying it may cause ugly stretching, even with a lot of manual tuning. It wasn’t necessary for the above example but it’s something I’ve had trouble with in the past.

If I want multiple different tiling patterns along the whole arm or something it can take a while to keep repeating the process for each line of tiling pattern. So I’m hoping there are more clever methods of doing this that I’m unware of. I’d greatly appreciate any tips.