Best way to cut objects to shape

Hi guys,

I frequently have to cover surfaces with wooden boards, beveled, with gabs in between. I set this up as an array object.
Once the surfaces become irregular, I have to cut off “excess” material, and I used a probaly very backwards approach of doing this with the knife tool after applying the array modifier.

I’m sure there’s a better way of doing this, ideally with a curve, nondestructively, but I have no idea how. Boolean maybe?

P.S.: I have BoxCutter since a long time, but never used it.

hello, maybe show some pictures?

Like this! If I put a curve in place of the green line, can I “clip” the red areas with it somehow?


You can duplicate the edge, separate and fill face,
also take a look at knife project:

Edit Mode > Mesh > Bisect”.

If you want this operation dynamic and with animation support, then you can use Dynamic Slice and Cap add-on.

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I just foound knife project, that seems to be it! Thank you, guys :slight_smile:
My favourite way would be to have a curve that I can update and update the cut with it, let’s see if this can also be achieved (like floor/ceiling/roff cutters in Archipack)!

OH, even better! Dynamic is what I want.

I got the Addon, it doesn’t do what I thought it would, but still it is a great tool! If I could give tha plane a shape and alter that shape, it would be perfect :slight_smile:

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Maybe with next versions. This tool designed for worked like 3dsmax’s Slice and Cap Holes modifiers.

I used 3DsMax in 1996 last, I can’t remember much, but as I said - this is a great tool, especially for Archviz, it seems. I do not regret buying it :slight_smile: But yes. If the plane could become editable, I would dance, sing and rejoice, because even though knif project was easily set up, deleting the outside edges was everything but fast.

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