Best way to do a gloved shooter's hand?

OK, I’m working on a 9mm pistol, and I was about to #include it in my game (!) when I realised, wait! There’s no hand!

Usually I’d have a shot, but I felt the high-poly hands on the websites were just too complicated. I was playing my favourite FPS which uses gloved hands: why can’t I do that?

Basically, what is the best way to do a gloved hand(s)? model an ungloved hand then skin a glove? Is that just wasting time?

I tried looking for a gloved hand diagram, but I found none.

Could I use Poser (Not actually Poser for the £££), then export the hand?



Hi Mikey,

If you want to make a gloved hand why not just create a rough hand shape ensuring that the index finger and thumb are seperate etrusions ?

Yes, I might do that. Thanks.