Best way to draw a floorplan in Blender (vs sketchup)

Hi all

I recall that there was an add-on maybe related to a knife that enabled much better drawing of floor plans in blender. But I cannot find anything anymore.

Anybody has an idea what I saw some years ago?

Something like tinyCAD maybe?

na thats more drafting.

I enabled you to make lines / cuts perpendicualr to an edge etc.

I only know about these 2:

Could it be the Snap Utilities addon by wii_mano?

Search and enable “utilities line” already included in the latest Blender build.
Sadly Germano stopped Snap utilities (complete addon) development years ago.

I’m keeping an eye on Construction Lines. Dan the developer is a sketchup user so he understands sketchup user’s needs. :grinning:

The tool ‘LINE’ allows the creation of edges with specified length and direction. Just click with the LMB at a start point and to proceed specifying each new vertex of the line with the ‘LMB’ or the ‘Enter’ button. This tool resembles the Blender knife tool, but now you can snap to an edge’s perpendicular or create lines with precise direction and lengths.


that explains it and yes it was snap - utility I was searching for !!!

Yeah I am in contact with Dan. I have to motivate him to make some more add-ons for Blender.

Like SketchUps UV unwrap and positioning tool is pretty amazing.

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I would be so happy to see a new update for Snap utilities working with the 3dMouse.

Thats great, Dan is a top guy and very helpful.
I’m really looking forward to the new CL updates (just after the core Blender Boolean update!).

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Here’s my technique. 2 Objects for walls.

Screw along z axis
Solidify constraints with 0 offset

Now you can make any wall layout with a minimal number of edges.
It helps to enable auto merge & split edges & faces for a more SketchUp-like experience.
Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 9.40.33 AM

Window & door cutter (object #2)
Just add some planes onto the walls. It helps to use the BoolTool add-on. For crazy angles snap to faces with align rotation to target. And keep all the cutter meshes on the same object for less clicking.

In my opinion, this workflow is so much faster than what I’d do in SketchUp. The only real gripe I have with doing CAD in Blender is how it’s basically impossible to make accurate curves with perfect topology (in certain circumstances like: this), unlike SketchUp where you’d just use the arc tool.


Hey BlenderSplendor, thats clever.
I will give your method a try. Thanks very much for sharing.

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very true - Sketchup has a good tools here for drawing lines perpendicular, extending, or making them tangent to arcs. very ture!

I actually model floorplans with exterior interior walls separated. that works very well.

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i thnk it is archipack
that has some faster way of doing 2D 3D walls - doors - windows

find some videos on web on how to use it or site for archipack

happy bl