Best way to export skinned mesh from 3ds max to Blender...

Hi all,

I need to export a rigged skinned character from 3dsMax to Blender. I’ve tried Collada, obj+bvh, 3ds and nothing works so far… The best I can get thus far is both the mesh & bone structure appearing, but mesh being not affected by movement of bones!

I’ve read from many posts that many users have this frustration, and that fbx importer is still in planning stages…

Has anybody been able to do it? What is the best technique?

Many thanks!!


The short but sorry answer is: No. :confused:

Hi arexma,

Ah man that bites! Blender badly needs a good FBX importer to take its rightful place in the industry… hopefully this vulnerability is well known and people are working to fix it.

As a workaround, are there good import workflows for skinned meshes between DAZ -> Blender or Poser -> Blender or MotionBuilder -> Blender or Maya -> Blender?

Thanks for taking the time!


IMO the industry needs an open, well formed file format that is freely available and works with all forms of software licenses. But that’s been discussed at length already :smiley:

As for workarounds… sorry, don’t know, I gave up. Luckily my work up until now usually only required static textured geometry which was no big deal, and if there where materials, I requested a render of the scene and simply recreated the materials :wink:

I wonder though why no one yet wrote an exporter for 3dsmax/maya to Blender.
It can’t exactly be rocket science, more extremely boring and cumbersome to write a MAXscript plugin that writes a .blend from the current file. I guess it’s just that no one took on the task.
Complicated rigging might not work, but a mesh, with bones and skinning… can’t be impossible.

Hi Arexma,

Thanks for sharing your experience… If you gave up on this I won’t waste days trying to find it and just move on with some alternative work.

There appears to be some development in creating a FBX importer… man would that fix some problems if it actually works! I’d certainly pay $50 for that and I think many people would too.

Hopefully this is enough of a sore area that within months the lack of a good importer to take usable exports from the ‘big apps’ will appear in Blender soon!