Best way to integrate water flow (fluid) with subsurf modifier/collapse

Hey here is the scene I am working on:

First 3d project ever so don’t be too harsh. It’ll look good when it’s done in any case.

The little middle section is going to be a waterfall. The problem is in the Blender docs it repeatedly says not to attempt to use subsurfed objects with the Fluid simulator.

So the question are…

1) Can I use subsurfed objects that have been collapsed?

My guess is no, since the problem probably isn’t really subsurfed objects rather a large number of polygons interacting with the fluid simulation.

So here is the deal. The final animation needs to be a loopable animation with as short a duration as posible to remain good looking and somewhat realistic. For that reason I need to generate an animation where the pool is completly fool and the water is lighly splashing the water in only the surrounding area so it’s doesnt overslash the pool. I know not very realistic but not really good for pure realism.

Okay so I guess first things first. I need to figure out if I can use high polygon shapes. If so, it’s easy, I just simulate with them. For the splash at the bottom of the water against the fake water I am planning to use a Fluid obstacle or control at the base of the water so that the falling water bounces of it.

I’m guessing the other option is to create a real pool with an obstacle and ad an Fluid outflow and time the it perfectly so that fuild really does fill the pool and not overflow. I thin the fake animated water and the Fluid waterfall would be easier but let me know.

If I can’t use high polygon shapes. I am planning to substitute the rocks with low poly versions and run the water fall through a funnel like slope-obstacle to make sure the water flows in a water fall like direction.

Thanks for your help and any ideas. Please treat me as a professional who knows this industry backwards in forwards. I’m happy to look up the technical implementations of any techniques you suggest myself. Or you can lay it out step by step, up to you. :slight_smile: