Best way to Join and Separate Objects?

Hi, I have joined 2 overlapping spheres for an eye and there is a very small space between them. (see image) The problem I am having is how to “easily” separate them to edit them since I can’t easily select either one of them. I don’t want to have to select all of the vertices every time I need to separate the two objects.

Using Parenting would keep the objects separate so I Parented the two eye parts to an “Empty” but when I select the Empty and duplicate it it only duplicated the Empty and not the children. Why is this?

Is there a better way to do this?


Hover over one of them and press the L key. It will select everything connected (linked) to the vert/edge/face that your mouse was over. If the two spheres share any verts, then this won’t work because it will select everything.

Edit: Another way to do this is to select one vert/edge/face and hold “ctrl” and “+” on the numpad.

Thanks a lot aka.Ryan :slight_smile: