Best way to keep learning Blender when away?

In a nutshell, I will not be able to practice or further work with Blender for a long enough period of time. I’ve tried books but it hasn’t been resourceful when it wants you to read along with using the program. Not being with Blender kills me. It doesn’t help knowing that I really don’t have an understanding of blender yet. Videos seemed like a good idea but seems to be the same problem as books. I don’t want to just drop the thought of Blender and grow crusty with keyboard shortcuts. (Which is what I really know most of)

So what does one do to keep up with Blender but can’t wrap their heads around it and will be away from it for awhile?

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the trick i used is doing different things for a longer period of time, instead of forcing to remember it all in one short go
helped me overcome the issue of self censored opinion, my own prejudicial thought, discrimination based on different distinctions between different apps… now i see them all as one tool with different workflows - same sentence, different syntax in another language, has same meaning & final result

finally, it’s all math - algebra, trigonometry… 1+2 = 2+1 = 1+1+1 = 3 = 5-2… & we’re all beings :slight_smile:

basically if you just go through menus and definitions daily (15min), the next time you’ll step into blender you’ll know where to put your foot as you walk through

write down notes daily & read out loud the next time you open, add another note … or have a creative fun and make comics for yours & others pleasure :wink: memorize via associative thinking

If your point in using blender is to make some good pictures , you can still practice drawing or photography. Try to draw or take photos on what you plan to model. Think about how you will do it in blender when you’ll be back.

You can still watch a tutorial or two to learn more technical stuff. It’s great to see how things are done even if you can’t try it yourself after that.

If you’re more into game/realtime stuff you can still think about a game you wish to make, think about how you’ll do it in blender.

These steps of looking for inspiration and think how you’ll do stuff is always done better outside of blender. All this is another way of improving your skills.
At some point , having a break is sometime good too because you’ll be back with a fresh mind.

It just depends on how many time you’ll be away, if it’s a few weeks it’s ok, if it’s a few mouth, maybe you can still manage something to get a computer a few days of the week.