Best way to learn 3D Animation in Blender

Hi, I want to learn more about Animation in Blender, not about characters, but other stuff.
I believe that I have to know all the basic fundamentals of 3d Animation in order for me to start, I know some, not that enough. I also face a problem, which is that I have ideas for short animation in my mind, but whenever I start, I say oh no, I can do a better idea, I will think of something else. This cycle repeats over and over again, I end up doing nothing for the last 5 months. Please help me what is the best way to break this ice and actually start dong what’s on your mind???
Oh yeah, do you recommend any books for me to read about blender and animation, rigging, 3d modelling, etc.
Many thanks!! :smiley:

I think they have a lot of good stuff over at blender cloud pertaining to production although a lot of it you have to pay 11.00 per month for, it looks like.

I would say why don’t you try drawing some story boards and see what you fancy.

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