Best way to make a shiny ramp material partly dirty?

I made a shiny iron-like material (BLENDER INTERNAL RENDER,not cycles),with lotsof specularity and a texture that takes care of the color and another one that makes the bumpmap.

I want to make only certain parts of the iron material dirty. I achieve this by making a stencil texture that masks the dirt texture.

So I can blend in dirt into a shiny texture.

I even can subtract the value of the specularity on places where the speculatiy should be more dull.

The trouble is my iron material has a color ramp for the specularity to achieve those nice lines you sometimes see on reflective iron surfaces.

I want to remove that ramp from the results in the dull,dirty part of the texture.

so ->shiny texture ->ramp specularity
dirty stencilled texture->no ramp specularity

Is this at all possible? or should I achieve this specularity ramp with nodes somehow?

I have not worked with nodes in this setup and it is blender internal.

You will need to create two materials, the iron material and the dirt material.

When you do that, you will then use the material nodes to mix them together according to the dirt texture.

Doing it this way means that you will have full flexibility of how each setting is affected, you can even use the ‘extended material’ node to get access to a number of settings like specularity so as to control them with textures.


probably painfully simple,but staring at it made me confused in the end

thnx,I will try this tomorow

after a day or 2 messing around with it I think I got it working in a way that is more or less predictable

Thnx Ace Dragon

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