Best way to make feathers?

To make feathers on a bird, which is the best way; Ripsting’s Fiber Generator Python Script, put rotating cards with image around the bird or Object F7, effects, particles. That last one seems to produce feather material round the bird but the birds skin dissapears?

correct, using dupliverts makes the original object disappear

however NONE of those techniques would work in the game engine

you’ll want to build the cards manually yourself and give them an alpha transparent texture. You probably want no more than 3 layers of cards [total] for performance.

I’m not working on a game now, I’m trying to make a large hi-resolution printable picture so there has to be a lot of feathers and they should look natural. Because the skin dissapears when using effects - particles, should I make the feathers as a coat and put it on the naked bird? The feathers should be a little messed up and not all in straight rows an all alike.

If this has nothing to do with the game engine then it shouldnt be in the game engine forum. The feathers might be able to be acheived with cleverly done texturing depending on how you want it to look.