best way to make hair system using dupligroup...??


this is a issue that know from one year .

how you make a “hair” of the head of a character?

ok , if you make ONE char i know , but how you make to duplicate it?

softBody ? rigidBody joint?

if noone of that , what the best workaround?

I found this one pretty interesting:

awesome lowpoly character , this is good to read.

anyway my question was another .

how you make a character that use rigid body joint (or softbody) , and then duplicate this character and make 10 identical character ?

if you see this blend (even one line of python ;)) in the second layer there the “master obj” with all constrraint … and it work.

then press one the layer one , this time the object is spawned from an empty .(with douplygroup)
but the constraint rigid body not work .

how solve this issue?


rigidBodyBroken.blend (77 KB)

This sounds like a complete different topic.

I remember there were some threads reporting problems of rigid body joints when using group instantiating, linking, or addObject. This might be related to that. But I didn’t followed this in detail.