best way to make Pipe and wires?

Whats the best way to make pipes and wires. Real thin ones. Mostly for scenes with a lot of them, Phone box, Comm Rooms, Baskets, wire fence and …
Thanks for any help in advance!!!

If you are not concerned with the inside then best technique (IMHO) is to draw a bezier curve (or a NURB one) describing wire and then using a bezier circle (or a NURB one) to bevel it


Draw the curve. Give her a fancy name

Draw the circle. Give Him a fancy name

Select the Curve, in the Curve Editing Window (F9) locate the BevOb button and type the Circle name in there

Have fun


S68 has the best method but curves can be difficult if you want twisting bends. If you want to use only meshes then use a cube that has been extruded several times then use SubSurfs.

Another Option,


in Edit Mode E-Key Extrude.

(I agree that the BevOB method is the Best)

you can also use the fake double sweep technique that I described in this tut : (sorry for the popups, Ingie didn’t clean the html code correctly)

it’s easy to use this technique if you want to do ropes with the twisting pattern and all.