best way to make Pipe and wires?

(PowerMacG4) #1

Whats the best way to make pipes and wires. Real thin ones. Mostly for scenes with a lot of them, Phone box, Comm Rooms, Baskets, wire fence and …
Thanks for any help in advance!!!

(S68) #2

If you are not concerned with the inside then best technique (IMHO) is to draw a bezier curve (or a NURB one) describing wire and then using a bezier circle (or a NURB one) to bevel it


Draw the curve. Give her a fancy name

Draw the circle. Give Him a fancy name

Select the Curve, in the Curve Editing Window (F9) locate the BevOb button and type the Circle name in there

Have fun


(CurtisS) #3

S68 has the best method but curves can be difficult if you want twisting bends. If you want to use only meshes then use a cube that has been extruded several times then use SubSurfs.

(mthoenes) #4

Another Option,


in Edit Mode E-Key Extrude.

(I agree that the BevOB method is the Best)

(theeth) #5

you can also use the fake double sweep technique that I described in this tut : (sorry for the popups, Ingie didn’t clean the html code correctly)

it’s easy to use this technique if you want to do ropes with the twisting pattern and all.