Best Way To Make the End of This Sword

Hey all, I’ve Been worki’n on this Sting sword, and I am having some trouble trying to figure out a good way to keep the mesh look good at the tip. I’m not sure if I had done the mirror modifier differently, across the Z axis?

Not sure where your problem is, do you want a sharper tip?

Are you trying to join the verts at the tip so you have just a single vert to make a point?

The Mirror modifier can’t share verts between sides, so leave two verts there at the same location and them merge them after you apply the Mirror.

well, I’d like to not merge all the ends in one because I feel it will look a little ugly for final renders

What do think of this approach?

I treated the sharp edge of the blade as a loop, face loops (and mostly quads) are the key to good final renders

Why would it look ugly?

Merging the tip vertices will create too many joints in one point, which the smooth shading algorithm don’t like and subdivision also don’t work well. Both of them are designed to work with quads (mostly) so, the topology should end being made of quads. A good rule of thumb is never connect more than five edges together.

Nothing in the real world have infinitesimally small edges anyway :blush:

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Thanks mate for all your help! I’ll try it out some time!

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