Best way to make wood?

With the help of a couple artists I have decided that my wood textures are bringing my scene down. Should I go with procedural or try to find some really huge wood textures?

I’m using blender internal, trying to find a texture for a 20 foot long wooden beam in a trench in WW1. Particularly, this one:

That’s an example of a CG texture not being a high enough resolution, though I like using the site and its my favorite I can’t find a good texture for this.

There are tiling wood textures out there, and you could add a bump map and a specular map for more realism. This isn’t necessarily what you are looking for, but it gives the idea.

Just saw that you already asked a very similar question. Wouldn’t it be better to keep it all together in one thread so everyone can know what you have already tried?

True, so where would I find a good seamless wood texture for this particular beam?

Help? losing motivation ahh

I saw this video for creating vertex painting a while back, only 5 mins long.
Not sure if this will work but it might be worth a shot.
Hope it helps, maybe you already know about vertex colors.

Of course, I should have texture painted :smiley: Thanks

Hows it look? And any ideas how to add depth to the scene?

I’m going to make it more into a shelter now, using that wood texture. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.