Best way to model a flower.

Okay, my next image i’m planning to have a bunch of flowers in it but I just can’t really find a good way to box model the top with petals without making it goofy looking. I can take care of the texturing but I just need the best way to model petals onto a flower top with it remaining realistic. For example, like flowers with petals growing from the center (ie sunflowers)

What a coincidence, I just modeled a flower several weeks ago. This is my approximate procedure: add a circle with 20 verts, set scale point to around cursor, select 5 consecutive vertices, extrude and immediately scale outwards by about 3, set scale point to around median, and scale down by about 0.6.
Now you can either repeat this for all of the parts of the circle or you can delete the rest of the circle’s vertices, select the petal you just made, duplicate it, and rotate it around the cursor by 72 degrees (much easier). And be sure to remove doubles.

Obviously you then extrude them to give them thickness, then extrude and scale down to form the stem. This gives you a somewhat toonish look, though. To make it more realistic, you will need more petals and move them in front and behind each other for each duplication.

I hope at least some of that made sense to you. Good luck with your next image!

Yet another coincidence! This topic is being discussing on a Chinese forum. The animated flowers will be used as background. I put the pictures metioned in that post here in case you donno know Chinese :wink: