Best way to model a UVSphere character?

Hi guys. Not my first time posting a question in this forum, but first time using this username (I forgot all my login info for my previous username). I’m not exactly new to Blender, but I am still “green”. I want to create a very simple cartoonish character using the UVSphere. I already modeled seperately an arm with hand, and a leg which I will attach. My question is the sphere itself. I want my character to talk, so what is the best way to model this? So for example, how many spheres and rings do I specify? I assume SubSurfs should be on for the ball to be smooth. How do I cut the mouth, make the teeth? Is there a tut out there that describes creating something similar. I want my character to talk and have full facial expression (eyebrows moving up and down). Please, anybody help! Thanks in advance.


I find that it is usually better to start with a cube and add a ‘SubSurf’ modifier to it. Then set the level to 2 and click apply.

In this way, you obtain a good basic geometry layout to further develop your character. ie. it is “divided” into 6 distinctive sides, one for the face, two for the side of the head (to add ears), the bottom to extrude out for the neck, etc.

Also, you avoid the problem with using an UVSphere of the concentrated rings at the poles.

Could also check out this tutorial:

I tried using a basic cube, applying SubSurf to it and level 2 then apply. So then I do have a basic round shape, but not completely round. Even after applying Set Smooth, it still isn’t perfectly round. My character will be a ball, very simple. No neck, just 2 eyeballs (which I have), 2 arms and hands (which I have) and 2 legs (which I also have). So I have most of the pieces. I just need to know what is the best way to model the ball for talking (the mouth, eyebrows being important areas). I’m sure someone has modeled something similar to this. I would like to know the best possible technique. I don’t want to have a model and then later find out that it’s mouth area is not suitable for lip sync. Think of the little green guy in Monsters Inc. My character will be round like that but with two eyes obviously.

My other question is how do I link the pieces? Do I do a Ctrl-J to join them? Keep them as seperate objects or weld them? Parent them? What do I do? I think keeping them as seperate objects is better since this is not a realistic person model. What do you guys think?

you can join them in one object and then use armature. this will be a lot easier that animating them as separate objects.
A little sugestion on the eyebrows: since the model isn’t realistic, why don’t you make them separated from the body, for an easier animation.
As for the mouth, just pick some vertices along some ring and rip them, then extrude from both the top and the bottom of the opening you’ll get. this way u can easily model the lips

You can make a subdivided cube or any mesh into a sphere by selecting all vertices, Shift-S->Cursor to selection (to put the cursor in the center of the cube) and clicking the To Sphere button in the F9->Mesh Tools panel.

However you will get the best facial expression results in animations if you approximate the facial muscles with correct edge loops around the eyes and mouth, even on a stylized spherical head, and a UV sphere or modified cube is not good starting point for this. Torq has an excellent tutorial on creating a face with proper topology here at Elysiun called “A better face tutorial.” Maybe you could use his face and spherize it as above.

If you really want to start with a cube check out Greybeard’s great video tutorial on creating a chess bishop at The first few steps where he makes a sphere and cuts a “mouth” into it might be useful to you.

Thanks for all the replies guys. Thing is, I’m still confused. I’m hearing different things here. Torq’s tut looks interesting for a photorealistic model, but I don’t need the eye areas as they are 2 spheres that I modeled seperately. So really what I have here is the mouth to be worried about. I was actually thinking of modelling 2 eyebrows and attaching them over the eyeballs (by joining Ctrl-J) . So that was a good suggestion. Should I follow Torq’s tut and model the mouth using edge loops and build a sphere around the mouth or should I start with a cube? I’m really baffled.


here’s an old tut, a bit old but maybe useful: