Best way to model armor like areas after a base arm is created?

I have a base arm (will put pictures later if you want)
that has the basic shape of the armor added to it (i guess you would call this boxed out)
I took a base arm from a huma and spent about 6 hours retopologizing it (my first try at retopology) and honestly theres only one place that has 7 verts instead of six, and i dont know how to get rid of it…

anywayswould i just basically lay out the “armor” over the base mesh? My main trouble is the finger openings, should i leave these open and worry about them later after the armor is finished and start working on the finger armor, or should I integrate kind of lower armor with upper armor? (kind of like master chiefs black body suit underneath his green armor…)
heres a pic anyways to kind of get the gist

I want to integrate wires, pistons and the likes into the areas where there is just the base ARM (which is obvious from the pictures…the base arm i mean)
how would I create wires?


Hmm. I don’t know what the /best/ way is, but I’d just start lifting pieces off the base mesh and extruding them, then separating out more and more details. I’m not sure what your problem with armor on the fingers is, a finger is not really any different than an arm or a leg, so I’d treat it the same way. I can’t really recommend any specific method without seeing your concept, neither your description nor your pictures make it very clear what your problem is or what you’re trying to accomplish.

here is the concept art im trying to recreate then thanks for the reply


Oh. This is most definitely a mechanical, hard surface model and I’d treat it as such. I’d forget about the base mesh and just make sure the mechanical parts work well together and make sense. The little pieces of rubber on the joints can easily be added in after the bulk of the work has been completed. And it would just be in the way while modelling the mechanics. You may want to get a copy of Creature Factory from as the modelling work demonstrated there is quite relevant to your project, I think.

thanks for the info ill go pick up the creature factory now!

I noticed it’s not listed in the store for some reason so here’s a link if you need one.

It has probably been removed due to it being very dated and is done in 2.49.
It’s still a very good training video and the principles should carry over to 2.5 without difficulty.

ive been able to find it without help (went to google and typed in creature factory blender) it popped up automatically and Ive already ordered it :smiley: thanks you guys Ill take a look at it and it definately looks as though it will be a great help :smiley: