Best way to model round objects

Whats the best ray to model round objects? For example I wanted to model a round box, but with the top and bottom flat.

I used bezier curves to trace the outline, then converted them to meshes and extruded them. However this makes the sides into polygons removing the smooth curves.

What should I do?

For example I wanted to model a round box…
Create a cylinder…
You click “space” add/mesh/cylinder.

You can use Subsurf modifier added to your mesh to ‘smooth’ it, but you may need to add loop cuts or crease edges to get the shape you want.

The spin tool is useful with round stuff (found in edit buttons). Or use bevel to just round the edges.

I am not sure that this will be of any help, but it is interesting. Take your default mesh cube, subdivide it 3 or 4 times, apply to sphere @ 100%, and then you have a sphere made out of quads. It comes in useful at times.

Set Smooth