best way to model this knife

hey all what would be the best way around modeling this weapon
im stuck becouse on the blade it got jagged bits, i tried doing it vertex by vertex but that gave me loads of tris when it came faceing it i tried extruding from a plane but the spikes came as a problem so please tell me the best way to go aboot this

Thanks Fudge

The best way to go about anything in Blender is heavy experimentation. There is more than one way to skin a cat and you won’t be able to get one solid answer because there’s literally an infinite number of ways that model can be constructed. Before someone spends the time to elaborate on a possible modeling technique, perhaps you could give some more information about the use of this item. There are different rules of thumb governing the construction of models for different purposes. Will this be a low-poly model for a game? Will it be simply a still render? Is it going to be animated? Is it going to be UV-Mapped or textured at all? Be more specific and you’ll probably get more help.

Pooor cat :expressionless:


ok well its just going to be a still render as a learning curve. and i was just really wondering all your methods liek how you would go around modeling it