Best way to model this pattern?

Hello, doing some work for someone involving the layers of a mattress…

Ive been looking at this pattern, and would like some user input on the best way to model it.

Im thinking it could easily be achieved with some kind of displacement map, but not sure.

Ive though about Arrays etc…but im sure there is an easy way to model it…

Thanks as always :slight_smile:

matrice2.blend (459 KB)

try it like this
see ifle

add array X Y then apply
selet faces inside and add bevel verts then extrude up !

add subsurf
to extrude you may need to select individual origins

you could also add a small space between rows and columns

happy bl

Altho it’s possible to model anything, with a bit of dedication…

I’d rather go for a bump map and the Displace modifier… unless you need the geometry to let some cockroaches roam on the mattress. :wink:

Both ways require quite some geometry, so it depends greatly on how close you’ll bring the camera from the mattress.

The blend file using some geometry and 2 arrays: Forum Mattress.blend (162 KB)

(The raw geometry is on layer 1.)

Enjoy! :smiley:

Yup, that’s it! You are a god :slight_smile: Ricky, thanks for your help as well.

This helps me a lot, I know roughly what shape it needs to be now :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Just for one more way, how about using the following as an array unit:

Using two array modifiers (be sure to check the merge option) and then adding a subsurf modifier and a procedural material, I get this:

Peter there is another faster way of doing this

select all faces
Alt P to poke faces and increase spike value in tool panel
then add suburfs level 2 or 3

that’s it

to get it at 45 degrees you could add one plane rotate 45 add the arrays to get planes at 45

then do the poke and subsurf and it is done


@See360: Excellent shape! Very clean and easy to do.

So much better than the mess I did. Tag! You’re the god now. :wink:

This is why I love this forum :slight_smile: So helpful, thanks everyone!!

Who are you and what have you done with the real Kaluura*, who would have done this:

Mesh> extra objects> math function> zsurface> (sin(x)+sin(y))/1.5. Scale and resolution to taste (Here 100, 100, 100, 100). Smooth. Subsurf.

So after posting I see that the /1.5 makes it too shallow compared to OP’s reference but you get the idea…

*Who also doesn’t mind a bit of gentle humor - I hope!

@Druban: :smiley: Z Surface, yes, that’s possible… when you know it’s there! My Blender is stuffed with so many add-ons that I can’t remember everything I have.

Besides, See360’s way is easy. 5 edge loops in both directions. Pull 2 faces. Push 2 faces. Done! And the result is exactly the same than the Z Surface… At least for the number of vertices (with your settings).

Subdivide plane, checker deselect every 2 vertice and grab up.