Best way to nagivate in 3D

this question somehow jumped on me as i tried to test how blender is suited for drawing my game maps with it ( especially indoor ones ). now the only thing that troubles me is the way the camera behaves. in map tools like worldcraft and alike orbiting around effectively makes you look around, like in a game. in blender though orbiting results in the camera rotating about an imaginary focus point somewhere in front of you. this is rather tricky to roam around in a indoor scene to make editing easy.

so is there a way i can make the blender camera orbit in edit view like you would be in a game ( hence looking up / turning left right ) instead of orbiting about a focus point?

You could try flymode. Press Shift-F when in camera view. Once you are in camera mode, Moving the mouse pointer will make the camera turn; press LMB to go faster and MMB to slow down or go backward. Press spacebar to exit flymode.

works like a charm. thx

Or add a “player” to your level
It’s like a Quake style camera
This way you can move/visit your level
You can use the WalktroughTemplate in the Blender site for this