Best way to re-model existing 2D characters?

Hi, I have these 2D characters that have been designed. For reasons, we have decided to animate the characters in Blender. Basically, it is because we want to be able to do turn-arounds and things more easily. We want to maintain, as much as possible, a 2D-style look.

What is the best / easiest way to get 3D models of my existing 2D characters?

Thanks for any help. I’m brand new to Blender.

I’d start by drawing out the characters in side view and front view, being careful to get things like the chin, knee, etc the same height on both images - set these as background images, and trace in 3D ( )

Then you need to look at cell-shading for that 2D look: ( , )

I’ve not watched these tutorials… I just searched for first blender from background image tutorial and blender toon-shader tutorial.

At some point down the line you need to decide if you’re using Cycles or Internal… or for that matter OpenGL or Eevee, but start by building the characters. And look up some rigging tutorials while your at it. Also - you said characters… it’s also worth thinking about which parts of the charactors can be recycled, recoloured between one character and the next.

Thank you! this is very helpful.

A while back Andreas Esau has shared his Cutout Animation Tools (COA Tools) - Addon for blender - 2D rigging and animation suite.
Check addon’s possibilities.

Github page