Best way to render a lot of objects with the same light/camera

I am making icons in Blender for Freecad and it works really well I only want to do different Icon color schemes. Which I can do easily with changing the materials in Blender.
But the only thing that I have not automated is the rendering.
I was first thinking about using scenes where I can set the render output name and do a animation of 1 frame. Then use the command line render to render all the scenes.
But it’s kinda hard managing 100+ scenes.
Other Idea was to make the icons appear on certain frames then use a command line render to output the specific frame to a specific file name.
And a third idea was to use different Blend files and then link the material and studio setup too one file, which is basically the same as using scenes, but maybe a bit easier to manage. Then again render them using a command line script.
But maybe there are better idea’s?
It now looks like this:

if you “just” want to change materials of different objects i would use a small python script to automate the renders

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Thanks for the tip I did some research into python scripts in stead of the option I was looking for and found some options:

and here:

OK I have too bump this I am trying to modify the script that Ì got working on objects to work on collections. But I fail to do this. :frowning:
This is the script that render every object in the blend file:

import bpy

def hideRenderForAll():
    for obj in
        if "PartDesign" in # we know its a block as it has x in the name
            obj.hide_render = True

for obj in
    if "PartDesign" in # we know its a block as it has x in the name
        obj.hide_render = False       ["Scene"].render.filepath = 'C:\\Users\\marij\\AppData\\Roaming\\FreeCAD\\Gui\\IconSets\\renders\\{0}.png'.format(
        bpy.ops.render.render( write_still=True )

Now I also found a script that searches for a collection and prints if it exist…

import bpy

collectionFound = False

print("START **************")

for myCol in
    if == "Personal Collection":
        collectionFound = True
        print ("Collection found in scene")
if collectionFound == False:
    myCol ="Personal Collection") #Creates a new collection
    print("exists already")

But I somehow am not able to smash these together. I assume
Would work but I have no clue.